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The Power of Curiosity

This article was written by guest authors Rachel Hentsch & Sally Coldrick from InfinityFoundry. What is the innermost power that drives us to explore, discover and learn? We are all born with it, yet early on we are often taught to restrain, or even stifle it. Its name is Curiosity, and it is the birth gift of every child and newborn living creature. Young children are naturally inclined to investigate and experiment--- before their experience is tainted by reprimand, negative ...

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Ageism and Entrepreneurship: 5 Ways to Make Old Age Work in Your Favour

This article is written by guest author Jelena Djurdjevic. We all know that getting old isn't for the faint of heart. As people advance in age, new challenges related to physical and mental ability need to be overcome in order to ensure a productive lifestyle. With modern developments in medicine and nutrition, however, people can now maintain their ability to function at a high level well into their 70s and even 80s. In these circumstances, it stands to reason that success in the ...

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Never Forget Me

Do you believe that if you don't remind people of the fact that you exist, they will forget you? Do you see yourself, and your work, as forgettable? I don't. I believe in being unforgettable. And I believe you are. I believe that we are encouraged to feel that we are forgettable for the benefit of some. For when we feel forgettable, we feel fearful. And that fear drives us to buy, and to seek out people who say they know better than we do. We want to believe they are the ...

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