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Longer Than Expected

How do I balance my innate human desire to estimate how long something will take, with the reality that I often have little control over this truth? Is the point to do my best in estimating, to get a general sense, and then to leave it? Is the point to do some planning, but to never decide that my expectations are true and correct? Is the point to create motivation to work towards the goal, rather than attaching to its timeline? Perhaps our time estimates are funny games we play with ...

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Zivana Anderson: Septemeber 2012 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Zivana Anderson

Zivana Anderson Time & Energy Mentor Mindset Destination Find Zivana on Twitter | Facebook

I am:

  • Straight talking.
  • Funny with a dark sense of humour.
  • A dreamer who doesn’t stop believing there must be more beyond the humdrum and determined to experience it.
  • Excited by how much more I have to learn in life.

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