Deep Thoughts (That Are Not My Own): Traffic, Noble Quests, and Creativity as a Magic Bullet

Deep Thoughts (That Are Not My Own): Traffic, Noble Quests, and Creativity as a Magic Bullet

This week’s open tabs:

  • The Kingdom of Loathing video game
    Maybe it is just me but I love adventure computer games. I love figuring out what to do next. Here’s a link to a new free online game that reminds me of the good ‘ol days of King’s Quest. It’ll help you to think like MacGyver.
  •’s astute observation that “Creativity” has become the new business “magic bullet”
    As I have been writing about, is also observing the overemphasis and oversimplification of creativity in business. Unfortunately, the word seems to be the new buzz word. Like web 2.0 and social media before it, creativity is this year’s magic bullet for success.
Deep Thoughts (That Are Not My Own): Traffic, Noble Quests, and Creativity as a Magic Bullet

How You Can Be a Good Host to Your Ideas

…so your innerpreneurial dreams can be born.

  1. Recognize that you have ideas.
    Pay attention to the thoughts that enter your mind and be conscious of the ideas that can be found within them.
  2. I finally noticed that a lot of my thoughts were about words and writing, the web and culture. About working on projects and being in solitude. About having a balanced, nomadic career and life.

  3. Notice when you use the words, “I wish” or “There should be”.
    Take notice of the changes you would like to see around you. Be a part of that change.
  4. I noticed that I had always thought, “I wish I was a writer”, but had never admitted it out loud. So I did.

    Later I read about innerpreneurship and thought, I should blog about my innerpreneurial experiences. So I did.

  5. Understand that you, not the idea, will make the difference.
    Your idea doesn’t have to be ground-breaking. In fact, it doesn’t have to be new at all. All you need is a secret ingredient (i.e., unique value proposition) that differentiates you from your competitors. Passion is the best secret ingredient in the world.
  6. I realize there are a lot of web consultants out there and better writers.

    But I have a passion for conscious business and holistic marketing. And not just working in it and with it but understanding it too. That makes me unique.

  7. Let the idea brew for a while.
    Don’t get carried away in the idea before you take time to mull it over. Note all the concerns you have about your idea. Let your idea germinate as it will likely grow from its original form.
  8. When I first decided to start my business, I wasn’t even focusing on the web. I was focusing more on writing. Writing anything. I took time to think over my business ideas and direction and realized that web marketing was a passion and talent too. My innerpreneurial idea evolved over time.

  9. Stay positive.
    Your inner critic may have some important points to make about your idea but don’t let him take over. Hear what he has to say but do so with a healthy level of skepticism. Your idea will be great, it is just up to you to make it that way.
  10. Ramona, my inner critic, made me realize that focusing on general marketing communications was not right for me. And that my words and ideas, not designs were my stronger talents.

  11. Flesh out your idea.
    Think about how your idea can be shaped to best fit with your personality or the nature of your fantasies.
  12. I developed a business idea that allowed me to be nomadic as my passion for travel equals that of anything else. I knew it was a necessary part of my life.