For the Next 2-ish Weeks

For the Next 2-ish Weeks

Nicaragua, Central America
This article was suppose to publish this past Thursday but apparently I don’t know how to use WordPress properly. I’m working on it.

I’ll be in Nicaragua

Very early this morning, I left for my vacation to Nicaragua, Central America. I will be traveling throughout the country for a little under three weeks.

I am so excited to:

But back on the innerpreneur ranch

Articles are going to published twice weekly as normal. The only changes are:

  • I will not be writing. Instead, guest innerpreneurs will be sharing their wisdom with you. Look forward to wisdom from:
  • Deep Thoughts (That Are Not My Own) will be on hiatus but Innerpreneur Spotlight will not.
  • The posting schedule may be irregular as I can’t guarantee when I will be able to access internet. I am aiming to publish a guest post every Tuesday and Thursday but don’t be upset if I’m a bit tardy.

A message for you

Have a wonderful first half of February. Thank you for reading.

“So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.” – Baha’u’llah

I like the quote but I don’t know know the quoter. Can someone enlighten me?

Have fun.

Oh and P.S. Your subscription to this blog is probably wonky right now. It’s Google’s Fault.