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Get Paid Your Value, Not Your Price

Money is one of the greatest stories ever told. The epic theme? Money is scarse. Funny how there always seems to be more.

Everyone worries about getting a fair price.

For many people, the feeling of spending money is an icky one. It is not enjoyable and is fraught with negative emotion. They think of what they are losing and worry about being ripped off. They are scared that the stated price will exceed the stated value. Most of the time we simply pay the set price for a good/service, begrudgingly. And the value we place on it ends up being based on the price we pay. If we feel like the value we gained is equal or greater than it’s price, we feel excited about getting such a good deal. Otherwise, we feel indifferent or cheated. If you notice, during this whole process we aren’t conscious of the actual value we place on the good/service.

Everyone worries about being valued fairly.

Admit it. Sometimes you worry that you are charging too much, or charging too little. You question if the price you have set for your good/service really reflects its value to the customer. You also see the price you are paid as an extension of your worth. Being underpaid is almost an insult to you and your work.

Money is not “evil”.

It’s the attachment to money that is. The love of it, or the fear of it, but not money itself. Your reaction to money, your ideas about money, they colour every decision you make. Your energy, your thoughts on money affect your life in the same way your thoughts on the environment, or anything else, do. When buying something we never really stop and think, what value do I place on this? What value do I place on the person who created this? Far before our conscious arrives at these thoughts we worry about and are told the price.

What if the customer set the price?

And what if you, the provider, let your customers communicate the value they place in you and your gifts, through their payment? What if the price of the goods or service you supplied was based simply on it’s demand? What if the value of your work was based on how appreciative people were of it? What if you let the whole exchange be enjoyed before a price and thus, a value was placed on it?

Our consciousness, on life and pricing.

I know that each of us believes what you give, you receive. And we believe that we create our own destiny. That our attitude determines our outcome. We believe in our intuition, to our inner voice. We believe that our ideas have value and that other will see it. We live by these ideas…except when it comes to pricing. When we place a price on our self (whether via our product or service) we are placing a limit on our value. We are limiting the possibility that someone might value us greater than we value ourselves

Assess your consciousness.

If you are like me, upon reading the above arguments, you quickly doubted that anyone would recognize the true value in your product/service (and by extension yourself). But go back and assess your fundamental beliefs on life. Thinking that you won’t be appreciated, monetarily or not, goes against everything you believe. Your true reaction, if you were taken advantage of monetarily and if money didn’t feel so icky, would be to mirror this event in your own life and ask “where am I taking advantage of other situations that draw this reaction to me?”

An economic viewpoint.

Let’s get our heads out of the clouds for a moment and be a bit more left brainy. The Economic theory of supply and demand assumes:

That the quantity demanded falls as the price of the good rises, and conversely that the quantity supplied rises as the price increases.

If I supply my service, web writing and consulting, at the level of demand, i.e. my clients set my price and value, Economic theory states that two things will happen:

  1. I will maximize my return potential, rather than limiting it.
  2. I will be shifting the traditional supply curve (based on the epic story of scarcity) to one based on abundance.

If I allow people to pay their own price, I create a movement that allows me to extract the marginal value of each buyer. Some may pay me less, but some will pay me more. Some may pay less and buy more; while some may pay more and buy less. Regardless, I will be putting trust in my self worth. It is the true essence of value pricing. The buyer determines the value and the price.

Your worth is not measured in money.

If you no longer set a price, you are no longer setting a value on your self-worth. Just as your personal growth is endless, so should be your business growth. Let money be a conductor for your positive, creative and conscious thoughts and energy. Allow your customers to freely value your offerings. Use pricing as a means to let your consciousness draw in your measure of self worth. For what you give, you truly will receive.

I know this idea is pretty wild and one that will take some mulling over. But think about it and let me know where your mind goes. I am likely going to apply value pricing to my business and I am going to write shortly on my objections and encouragements of the idea. Is it crazy genius or crazy foolish?

This post was inspired by the evolutionary ideas outlined in Philip Dignan’s Secrets of the Wealthy Mind.

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The Post-Travel Blues

Creative Commons License photo credit: Samya_Photography

Creative Commons License photo credit: Samya_Photography

I’ve been back from Nicaragua one week today. I didn’t want to come home.

I felt like a million dollars but since I have been back, I feel depressed.

I sleep too much. I can’t write. The scenery makes melancholy.

The city life, perhaps even living in Canada, I now understand, is not what I need.

Nature, simplicity, sun, this is what I desire.

I feel stuck. I can’t leave. At least not now.

In the meantime, I need to find my joy once again. I need to escape from my post-travel blues. The haze I am in, it is blocking out Toronto’s beauty.

Hello! I’m Tara, a wizard of less obvious things. I love hearing from you, so please feel free to connect with me.

I deeply appreciate your support of my work—through allowing it to grow in your imagination, through sharing it with others, and through your financial support.

Alter Your Perspective

I’ve struggled for a week to summarize my trip to Nicaragua (pictures here), to put words to the multitude of feelings, experiences and realizations that I made while I was there. But I’ve given up. I can’t do it in one article. My hope is that all that I have experienced will be reflected in my writing. In this past week I have come to realize why travel is such a strong passion for me. The exhilaration of a change in perspective.

To me, the greatest gift that travel affords is the way it alters your perception. For it is hard to not be sucked in. It’s hard to not lose perspective. When all you know is what you know, it is hard to remember that there is a whole world outside of it.

Your life, your career, your family, your friends, your local community. This is your reality. These are the stories you hear. Some you connect with and some you don’t.

But yours is not the only perspective

There are stories all over the world that you would love.

Some you feel compelled to know better. You are drawn to them. Your reasons? Many. The food, the history, the nature, the challenge, the language, the colours, the culture…they are endless.

Just dig into a country, a place that draws you and I bet you’ll be woo’ed. Learn about it. Read about it. Allow yourself to get lost in its stories.

Experience the exhilaration of a change in perspective

Take the step. Commit to leaving that which is comfortable for that which is unknown. It’s scary but it is incredibly fulfilling.

You can take the time away. If you want you can even do business or pleasure via the web almost anywhere.

You can afford it. Think of it as an investment in inspiration. I learned so much about wealth while I was gone. I can’t wait to share it with you.

You will be safe.
I always worry about that each country I travel to. But each time I travel I am overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers.

You will be comfortable. Just go to a place that you are drawn to. You’ll find home.

Hello! I’m Tara, a wizard of less obvious things. I love hearing from you, so please feel free to connect with me.

I deeply appreciate your support of my work—through allowing it to grow in your imagination, through sharing it with others, and through your financial support.

Innerpreneuring Thru Economic Chaos

Creative Commons License photo credit: Isaac Bowen

Written by Jay Cowan

“As we know our Self, opportunities are no longer limited by the obvious psychological and institutional factors; rather we become masters of our own domains.  We then live at cause, not effect.  We become the means to create new opportunities.” – Phillip Dignan in Secrets of the Wealthy Mind

Are these chaotic times built for the Innerpreneur?

Or, am I just used to chaos?  The chaos for me has always been the battle between chasing the external world and being myself.  Everybody in my world has always referred to me as a Serial Entrepreneur.  When I was younger – I liked the term.  As I got older it seemed like people were saying I hadn’t figured out who I was yet.

I’m not an Entrepreneur.  For me, the word Entrepreneur refers to building something external and that just isn’t what I’m about.  My business endeavors have always been more of a reflection of what journey I was on at the time.

The journey nowadays is thru choppy waters – or are they?  Conventional wisdom would say that starting a business is best in good economic times.  I don’t know.

Competing with the false premise of how good things are out there is a challenge for a lot of start-ups.  When things seem good out there, start-ups do what many people do. They compare their insides with the world’s outsides.  They say “Why is it always harder for us?  Why don’t we have a cool flat-screen in our conference room?”  My own experience says it isn’t harder – it is just different…and money is seldom the answer….even though it can be an answer.

Money makes happy people happier and unhappy people unhappier

Same for business.  Money also can make you less creative.

But when the world around us stops looking so good…interesting things happen internally. Things that are outside our self don’t look that much different anymore and the future is less of a given for everybody.

While the future for many is a depressing idea, I am finding that things don’t feel any different.  I have had to learn to deal with fear and uncertainty as one of the prices of my journey.  The only difference now is that I am not the only one at the table that is concerned about tomorrow.

What I am also discovering is that many people are now open to listening to not just new ideas about how to do things, but in new ideas of how to view (or frame) things.

When times were good, many took safer and less risky paths.  Today, the mood is shifting and it seems like people are just happy to have a home – no matter how chaotic it may be.

So, as the world around us fears tomorrow, we can embrace who we are and learn to express that which got us here – our inner drive to simply create.

For me the last few months have provided me a space to ask myself and those with me – what are we really creating here? And how is what we are doing a reflection of who we are? – both as a company and as individuals.

What we have discovered is that really there is no company expression.  What we end up with at the end of the day is that our company is reflected in the marketplace as a collective expression of each one of us involved.

How empowering is that? (both from the individual or company view point!).

While our environments are always a reflection of who we are – it is becoming clear that (as innerpreneurs) we can and will have a collective say as to where we go from here and how we get there.  And who can beat that!

The world is waiting…..peace

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I deeply appreciate your support of my work—through allowing it to grow in your imagination, through sharing it with others, and through your financial support.

Wake Up! Move Your Heart From Your Chest, To Your Mouth, and Into the World!

Written & Contributed by Bill Boulton
of The Speaking Husky

“I have faced it, a life wasted and I’m never going back again.” – Pearl Jam

I wasted a few decades of my life.I was sleep walking. Here’s why—I was afraid of what “they” might think. It was as if I were on an assembly line where some skilled mechanics had installed my lower body, and then the skilled mechanics bolted my upper body in place. Next, the expert mechanics put “what they thought” into my brain, and the fear of what “they might think,” if I went against what “they wanted me to do.” In the words of the Saints and poets of many cultures and creeds, I needed to “wake up.” To the possible horror of a Saint or 83, I “woke up” at a Doors Of The 21st Century concert. When my blog launches, I will tell you the full story, and no… I was not on any drugs, legal or illegal. :)

When I woke up from my nightmare, I realized that I knew what I wanted to do with my life. After I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and drank a cup of strong tea, I began learning everything I could about the communication arts. After giving many speeches for my Toastmasters group, several community groups, and training with motivational speaker, Kevin Bracy, a protege of Les Brown, I’ve learned to share from my heart, despite what “they might think.” Here’s a few things I’ve learned that will help you move your heart from your chest, to your mouth, and out into the world.

“If you are serious about being a great communicator, you should join Toastmasters.” – Kevin Bracy

My ultra-brief paraphrase of  Malcolm Gladwell’s excellent book, Outliers, is this – “Practicing whatever your passion is helps you get close to perfect, and 10,000 hours of practicing your passion makes you damn near perfect!” Toastmasters is the best place to do the practice that will make you a great communicator. In Toastmasters, point of view isn’t relevant. Constructive suggestions for improving speeches are given based on presentation not opinion. This no judgement of opinions rule helped me learn to say what I believed no matter what “they might think.”

“A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.” – Will Rogers

Here’s how I apply the wisdom of Will Rogers to my speaking—I watch many videos on YouTube of speakers whom I would like to emulate. Here are a few of the smarter speakers I hang out with: Martin Luther King Jr., Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Steve Jobs, and President Barack Obama. Who inspires you? Mother Teresa? President Ronald Reagan? Paul Hawken? Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher? Bill Gates? Someone else? It doesn’t matter who it is as long as the speaker is positive, and the speaker inspires you! :)

“If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln

All of us have spent our “four hours sharpening our axes” on something close to our hearts. You may want to ask yourself this question—What is the speech that I have spent all my life preparing for? Below this post, I have included links to three speeches that I believe are great examples of life preparation message speeches.

If I can help you, please let me know. I am always open to a great conversation about the communication arts. Was April 4th-5th, 1968 one of the greatest 24 hours of public speaking in the last century? I think it was. :)

1968 – Martin Luther King’s Prophetic Last Speech
Robert F. Kennedy On The Death Of MLK
Robert F. Kennedy On The Mindless Menace Of Violence

Hello! I’m Tara, a wizard of less obvious things. I love hearing from you, so please feel free to connect with me.

I deeply appreciate your support of my work—through allowing it to grow in your imagination, through sharing it with others, and through your financial support.