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Pride, Gratitude and Education in Lisbon

by | Jun 3, 2009 | My Journey | What's On My Mind

I should have told you before I left. I just got back from speaking at an entrepreneurship conference in Lisbon held by Gesentrepreneur, a companyvcit2009tarajoycepresenting dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship in Portugal. I was invited to speak on Innerpreneurs. The video is coming soon. You can check out the slides here.

I should have said something before

But I didn’t. I need to learn to be more proud. It doesn’t have to be an ugly word. Which it is…to me. I just looked up the definition of it…the meaning is…actually quite nice.


I am proud of myself. I was proud to be invited and proud of my presentation. And I should be. When I began writing about being an innerpreneur one year ago it was because I felt passionate, lonely and scared. I had found something to believe in, bigger than myself and I needed to share it. What has followed has been the greatest adventure.

My evolution continues

To speak about innerpreneuring, to connect with people around the world, I couldn’t imagine anything more I’d rather do…except write a book on it. Those two dreams, right there, are my truth. I am forever grateful to Joana Nobrega (she found me on Twitter @elleniccoc) and Gesentrepreneur for giving me the opportunity to realize it.


My new friend, Joana Nobrega

So now it seems that my path is shifting. The puzzle pieces are fitting together in a pattern that is familiar yet so unexpected.

Tara Joyce

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Pride, Gratitude and Education in Lisbon

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