2 posts from day 16/07/2009

The Space Between the Umms…

between I watched the video of my first speech on innerpreneurs only once. It's all I could bear. All I heard were the umms... that seemed to follow my every sentence. In the moment, I felt calm but upon watching the video it is clear that I am anything but. What is it that those umms... mean to me? Am I using them as a tool to help me think of my next thought? Or is it because I was afraid of silence?

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Burning Down Business-as-usual

bazaar Commerce is a natural part of human life but over time it has become increasingly unnatural. As commerce advanced, it was determined that being human was a detriment to business. Business-as-usual became the isolation of an enterprise from its very foundation and lifeblood, its workers and customers. Humans became demographics to be talked at, not with. Business forgot that markets are conversations between humans.

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