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Taking Our Self Too Seriously

by | Aug 3, 2009 | My Journey | What's On My Mind


I am so guilty of it. I convince myself that certain things matter when they don’t. I put intense pressure on myself for minute tasks.

I write this blog for free. I have no editors to answer to and no one relying on me to produce. But the day I got my first subscriber – and each day that has proceeded that – I’ve felt that I have you relying on me. You took the step to subscribe or revisit and I feel that it’s my duty to create value for you.

That’s where the trouble begins

I’ve now created unnecessary pressure on myself. I’ve now created a scenario where I feel that I owe you something. I’ve replaced writing for pleasure with writing under duress.

But there I go taking myself too seriously, thinking that of the 10’s, 100’s, 1000’s of blogs you read that you are waiting there, with bated breathe, for my next musing. I know, get real.

I love my readers but for god’s sakes, I write for me and I need to remember that. No one cares as much as I do.

But I wonder, why do we elevate our own importance? What does it do for our Self?

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Tara Joyce

Written by Tara Joyce

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Taking Our Self Too Seriously

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