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Gen Y Gives Thanks: Challenging the Norm


I'm representing the grateful members of Gen Y on Examiner.com

Sharalyn Hartwell of Generation Y Examiner is attempting to prove that Generations Y isn't a pack of selfish fools with her series, Gen Y Gives Thanks. Sharalyn interviewed me about what I am thankful for and you can read the article in it's entirety here. For the lazier of us in the crowd, here's my favourite excerpt of what I said... Damn, that sounds egotistical. Maybe they're right about me and my entire Generation;)
I am grateful that a change in consciousness is occurring in society, that the accepted rules of business and life are being challenged and that new ways of thinking are being embraced and cultivated. I smile each time I see someone casting aside the chains of our society's ‘shoulds’ to explore what they intuitively feel is right." Read the rest here!

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