Gen Y Gives Thanks: Challenging the Norm

Generation Y

\’\’Have you heard the stigma surrounding my generation, Generation Y? Apparently we’re lazy and ungrateful, and, we only care about ourselves.

I’m sure you can guess how I feel about a ridiculous generalization that supposedly applies to every person born in the ten year period between 1980 and 1990.

Talk about black and white thinking. Talk about conventional thinking. How is it that every generation manages to claim that the one proceeding it is going to shits? Didn’t the Boomers call the Gen X’ers slackers until they went and developed the Internet?

I’m representing the grateful members of Gen Y on

Sharalyn Hartwell of Generation Y Examiner is attempting to prove that Generations Y isn’t a pack of selfish fools with her series, Gen Y Gives Thanks. Sharalyn interviewed me about what I am thankful for and you can read the article in it’s entirety here. For the lazier of us in the crowd, here’s my favourite excerpt of what I said… Damn, that sounds egotistical. Maybe they’re right about me and my entire Generation;)

I am grateful that a change in consciousness is occurring in society, that the accepted rules of business and life are being challenged and that new ways of thinking are being embraced and cultivated. I smile each time I see someone casting aside the chains of our society’s ‘shoulds’ to explore what they intuitively feel is right.” Read the rest here!

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Gen Y Gives Thanks: Challenging the Norm

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