2 posts from day 23/12/2009

An Idea for Giving Thanks to Your Clients


Thank them by donating in honour of them.

[tweetmeme]This holiday season, to thank my clients for their impact on my life, and to make an impact, I sent them a e-card wishing them a happy holidays and informing them that I donated CDN $5 to World Wildlife Federation in honour of them.

In the message, I also offered to donate an additional $5 to their charity of choice if they choose to write a recommendation for me. I thought it was a nice win-win-win way to incentivise a task that people find painful to do.

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A Magical Time of Year

Merry Christmas to all my Flickr Friends

I love Christmas.

[tweetmeme]It is a really important time of year to me. It's a time when I reflect and I honour all the learning of the past year. And it's a time when I celebrate the love in my life.

I love walking the streets of Toronto at Christmas-time. There's something really special in the air. And I revel in the feeling. Toronto's kinda-like-the-world-holding-hands, it's a cultural mosaic, apparently the most multi-cultural gathering of people in the world, and all around me, on the streets, I can feel magic in the air.

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