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Fun with Maps

Tara's Map [tweetmeme] I love staring at maps. I get such pleasure from studying the landscape, the cities and the shapes, and imagining what it would feel like to experience that place. My office is home to a huge map of the world where I place pins for every city, state/province, and country I have visited. And every year I get at least one country closer to my goal of covering it entirely with pins. For whatever reason, I've been thinking a lot about maps this past week, and I thought it might be a fun experiment to create an interactive Innerpreneur map, where any Innerpreneur that feels motivated can add themselves, and their business, to it.

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The Beautiful, the Good and the True

beatifulgoodtrue [tweetmeme]

Ever heard the term "the beautiful, the good and the true"?

Plato was the first to note that every event in the physical world has 3 dimensions - the beautiful, the good and the true. The Beautiful stands for the expression of 'I' in the world. It stands for Art or Self. It's about how you personally see and feel about the event. The Good stands for the expression of 'We' in the world. It stands for Morals or Culture. It's about not just you but others see the event.

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Tongue Twister

Sharp Taste [tweetmeme]

Is it just me, or is Innerpreneur not kinda hard to say?

photo credit: Chernobyl Bob

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