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Scared to Death to Be An Idiot

Sucker [tweetmeme] Here’s what I’m dealing with. You might be too.

I’m terrified that I'm wrong.

Not wrong in a little way, like the typos that litter this site, but wrong in a BIG way. I’m worried what I fundamentally believe about my Self and my world is just downright crazy and wrong. And I’m nervous everybody else is in on the joke, except me. What if? It's an interesting question to ask yourself.

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The Silly Things I Do

Arise Your Innerpreneur by listening to my voice, and looking at my words and images

Back in April I created this presentation for the 2010 SHiFT conference in Lisbon, Portugal. Don't ask me why it took 'till now to publish it. Some silly business about feeling shame over my creations. Oh, the silly things I do.

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Make Me Work For It

backstage [tweetmeme] I've always liked the idea of burlesque. The slow tease. The gradual peeling away of layers. The art of making 'em wait for it. Your marketing, especially your web presence, could be seen as a soul strip-tease. Each time you create for it's purpose you reveal a bit more about your Self. Cultural Creatives are attracted to layers.

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John Miles: May 2010 Innerpreneur Spotlight

John Miles

John Miles Internet Synergist, Visionary, Family Man Integritive Follow John on Twitter [tweetmeme]

I am:

What my mind is focused on. I become it.

My passion is for:

My family, first and foremost. I love playing lacrosse with my son, witnessing my daughter’s growth and expansion, and dining or just generally being with my wife. Beyond family, my passions expand toward the general development of consciousness in those around me, and learning so that I can share my knowledge with the community. As a function of those efforts, my passions lead to growing my business positively and leading by example, purifying the mind, helping others succeed in their endeavors, mountain biking, education, and prison reform.

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Guilty As Hell That We Can’t Do More

Guilty [tweetmeme]Why do we insist upon trying to do it all, and then beating ourselves up when we fall short of perfection?

The Guilt

It's an icky feeling when we feel The Guilt. The Guilt arises when we can't do all the things we would like to do, or the people around us would like us to do. We feel like we don't care enough.

The List

But the thing undone is just one more thing on The List. The List that keeps getting added to. The List that never ends.

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