Where You Wish to Go

Where You Wish to Go

Baby Steps

It’s hard not to indulge in the BIG Questions. It’s tough not to focus on The End we have in mind.

Stop freaking yourself out by thinking you need to know how to get There today.

You don’t have the answers.

Stop indulging and paralyzing your mind with BIG Questions you don’t have the answers for.

Take one daily action. And in that action, keep your goal in mind.

You can’t know how to get There today. But you can be creative with all that is present in your life. Your next step, your daily action is There.

Respect change.

Respect where you are, and where you wish to go. Respect that it will change.

Look for the small answers present in Your World.

Focusing on your BIG Questions will only inhibit your ability to see them.

You ARE moving closer to your goal.

Make small changes right where you are. Take your daily step.

It might not feel like it but large change occurs in tiny increments. Trust in Your increments.

We learn by going/Where we have to go ~ Theodore Roethke