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It’s a Tactic, Not a Guarantee

Tactics [tweetmeme] Tactic = an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end Your business name, your tagline, your website, your brochure, your FaceBook fan page, or any other business tool - they are tactics - that you employ to reach a goal.

Tactics don't make a business successful

No tactic, no matter how clever or cool, will keep a client coming back. The value your business creates will. You, the person behind the business - you, the person creating and providing the product and/or service - are ultimately what will make your business grow or shrink, and make your clients true fans. No enduring business I know of can thank their tagline, or their business name, or any of their ever-changing and evolving tactics for their sustained success. They may thank tactics for having helped garner them attention, but they see their sustained success is due to the value their business creates in the world.

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