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Business Planning, not Plans

Planning [tweetmeme]

I don't believe in plans. But planning is essential.

Plans involve making educated assumptions on what the convenient future could entail for your business. But why plan for a future that isn't going to happen the way you planned it to? In most instances, people think predicting the future is hogwash, but strangely not when it comes to business. Planning involves educating yourself on where you are going, developing a strategy for how you are going to get there, and a vision of what you want to experience along the way. You don't need to predict the future, you just need to know there is a route.

Process, not Product

I've found answering these 10 questions on business planning is a solid foundation on which to build a sustainable strategy for growth.

The Innerpreneur's Guide to Planning Your Business

A. What You're Getting Out of It

1. Why are you starting the business?

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Thinking About My Self All the Time

My Self [tweetmeme]

How Selfish. Egotistical. Narcissistic.

There is something scary about believing that wanting a Self is not selfish. There's something terrifying about admitting it's our natural instinct towards a wholeness that is truly our birthright. It makes us feel ashamed, judged, blamed. It makes us feel like helpless children.

How Evolutionary.

It's a new movement for humans to recognize the value in having a Self. And the value in doing things in support of it. Slowly, generation-ally, evolution-ally, we are waking to this concept. The Baby Boomers were the first batch of humans to understand that wanting a Self is a natural stage in our evolution. And yet fifty or so years later, mainstream culture and religion still portray supporting a Self as a gluttonous and silly act.

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What People Say

Bad Advice Kills Dead [tweetmeme]

The Talk

It's not always useful. Be careful. Protect yourself. And your work. You know what's best. 'Should' is not a reason to do anything. Advice isn't always helpful. Premature questions and assumptions are not your friends.

Be Discerning

Sharing something special with someone who is not discerning, or when you aren't yet ready, is a risky move. Talk takes energy. And if we aren't careful, talk dilutes our feelings, and our passions.

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Fantastical Stories of Money and Fame

Fantastical [tweetmeme] How much do you love them? In the business world, fantastical stories seem especially lauded.

Fast money. Overnight fame.

It just sounds so good, and so easy. You can't blame me for wanting it, or wanting to believe in it. I'm a gambler by nature. After all, I started my own business. I'm all about risky choices. And I can't help but hear fanciful success stories and want to believe them. The problem is, I don't. They're bullshit.

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Nadia Ballas-Ruta: October 2010 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Nadia Ballas-Ruta, writer

Nadia Ballas-Ruta Writer Happy Lotus Lifestyles, LLC Follow Nadia on Twitter [tweetmeme]

I am:

a writer and closet humanitarian who is on a mission to help save the world. I am the product of a mixed religious and ethnic marriage. My parents gave me the freedom to pick whichever religion I wanted to follow. As a result, I ended up studying them all and realizing that we are more alike than we are different. I am also a former monastic and lawyer. I am also a wife, daughter and friend to many.

My passion is for:

helping to promote tolerance and compassion via my work as a writer. A mother in America wants the same things for her children as does a mother in India or in Europe. We all desire shelter, food, security and love.

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