Choosing My Own Adventures

Sacred Heart

Our soul – it thrives on adventure.

Adventure is a nutrient. We need it.

When we ignore our desire for adventure, we ignore our very nature.

It’s not a frivolity.

Sometimes, usually when I am leaving for a trip, I think about my adventure and it’s costs, and I question if I need to be less self-serving, less self-ish, and not take the risk.

I wonder if I should be more ‘adult’ or more ‘disciplined’. I wonder what’s wrong with me that I need to explore the world.

But then the adventure begins and I quickly remember why THIS matters as much as my ‘hard work’.

I, You, Us humans, we need to woo, excite and refresh our Self. We need to experience falling deeper in love with our Self and our World.

We need the feeling of relinquishing control and let the unknown unfold. We need to see that what we are truly capable of.

Baja California set my heart on fire.

My passion is fueled. I am so thankful I choose to feed my Self with such delicious desert beauty.

Now, I can feel, see, that without my adventures my work would not be possible.

In creating my unique dance with creativity and commerce it’s necessary that I give my creativity the full attention it sometimes needs.

Be a good animal, trust your instincts. – D.H. Lawrence

photo credit: digiyesica

Choosing My Own Adventures

By Tara Joyce Time to Read: 1 min