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Naomi Rose: January 2011 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Naomi Rose

Naomi Rose Writer, Book Developer, Creative Midwife, and Publisher Writing from the Deeper Self / Rose Press Follow Naomi on Twitter

I am:

An urban-born, culturally sophisticated lover of hills, farms, and cows. Seeking my true nature has been a lifetime's process. I liken it to flowers that manage to break through the pavement and grow where no one expects them to. This actually comes into my work as a writer, book developer, and publisher in a big way.

My passion is for:

Getting beneath the surface of our own conditioning (family, schooling, and cultural) to find the beauty, wisdom, joy, depth, and presence awaiting us there.

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What We Believe We Should Be

ExcellenceToo Donald Trump in Trump:101 asked, "why compete with others when you can beat yourself?"


What we wish we were. What we think we should be. It used to be about what They think, but it's not anymore. It's about Us. It's about not being good enough for our Self. We don't fit with our own image of perfection. We can not forgive ourselves for not being what we believe we should be.

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The Opposite of Consumption Is Not Thrift


It's generosity.


Want to change the economy?

Examine your ideas around the act of exchanging. When you are buying or selling, what are you thinking about?

What can I get?

What can I give?

What if you approached the exchange of goods and services as a generous act?

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Create Your Own Economy of Integrity

New Economy

You have a choice in the kind of market economy you participate in.

The type of economy you inhabit, as a customer and/or as a business, is yours to define. If you imagine a different kind of market society, and a different way of valuing the world, you have the opportunity to shape it. You are contributing to an integrity-driven economy each time you allow your values to drive your decisions. Too often though, we betray our values when we find ourselves overcome by money pressures. In these moments, we see our integrity as a cost. But the true cost is acting on our price/profit-motivations, as we can make short-sighted choices that prove far more costly in the long-term.

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