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Bill Boulton: May 2011 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Bill Boulton of The Speaking Husky

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I am:

The only person like me in the world and you are the only person like you. :) (I’m serious.) Life for me is not fun when I try to adhere to someone else’s mental fingerprint. For a longer version of what I’m all about, please check this out.

My passion is for:

Speaking, writing, and helping others with public speaking.

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My Perspective on Mentorship

Exploring Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

In my last article I announced that Christine Dionese and I have entered into a peer-to-peer mentorship and, starting this month, will begin mentoring each other through a monthly Q&A column on her blog and mine. Before we "get columing", we are sharing our current perspectives on mentorship as we enter into our partnership (to simplify ourselves -- I'm a skeptic, she's a believer). Here's mine! You can read Christine's here.

Mentors are:

not a topic, or role, that feel very familiar with. For a long time I felt that the best thing was to do everything myself and to rely on no one. But I’m growing to see the value of mentors now, as I grow to see the value of external support, accept my need for it, and I allow myself to mourn the support I didn’t get.

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Exploring Peer-to-Peer Mentorship


with Christine Dionese and Me!

After much discussion and a bit of ass dragging by me, Christine and I have decided to explore the topic of peer-to-peer mentoring together. Beginning this month, we will begin mentoring each other through a monthly Q&A column on her blog and mine, where we will publicly share our challenges and pains, and support each other in working through those issues. Christine and I have never met in person. Nor have we ever communicated outside of email. Our relationship and the trust we have built has developed strictly through the written word. As Christine pointed out in an email, "People wrote to one another in the old days and had to learn about one another in that way. Travel was either scarce or financially prohibitive, so writing letters was the mode." Perhaps one day we will meet but for now we believe the power of the written word will be enough to facilitate a strong and effective mentor relationship.

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“Pay What It’s Worth” is Not “Pay What You Can”

hand out of wall As a practitioner of Pay-What-It's-Worth pricing, in my mind, there are big differences in asking a client to pay-what-they-can, and asking a client to pay-what-it's-worth. They communicate very different things about your brand. Care to explore them with me?

Exploring Pay-What-You-Can Pricing and What it Communicates

As a business owner, communicating that others are free to Pay-What-They-Can for your work positions you as willing to sell your work in charity. (You may want to consider at this point whether your business, or your clients, are, in fact, a charity.) In most cases neither party is a charity, so what you are truly communicating is that it's okay for a client to pay whatever they *think* they can, and that you are open and lenient to allowing others to value your work at less than it's worth, so long as the person deems they need it. Now this is only my opinion, but I feel if you are responsible enough to identify a need and seek a solution for it, than you are also responsible enough to find the means for fulfilling that need - i.e., if you want it, you need to find a way to get it.

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An Affirmation for Wonder

Questions Answered... I am in a state of questioning, open and receptive. I seek to gain understanding of my Self and others. I allow for surprises and discoveries about what I don't know.

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