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My Perspective on Mentorship

Exploring Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

In my last article I announced that Christine Dionese and I have entered into a peer-to-peer mentorship and, starting this month, will begin mentoring each other through a monthly Q&A column on her blog and mine. Before we "get columing", we are sharing our current perspectives on mentorship as we enter into our partnership (to simplify ourselves -- I'm a skeptic, she's a believer). Here's mine! You can read Christine's here.

Mentors are:

not a topic, or role, that feel very familiar with. For a long time I felt that the best thing was to do everything myself and to rely on no one. But I’m growing to see the value of mentors now, as I grow to see the value of external support, accept my need for it, and I allow myself to mourn the support I didn’t get.

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