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Michelle Currie: Janaury 2012 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Michelle Currie

Michelle Currie Meditative Drumming Teacher Meditative Arts Follow Michelle on Twitter | Become Meditiative Art's Fan on Facebook

I am:

a Science nerd perfectionist turned meditative drum chick!

My passion is for:

Coming up with innovative ways to play big, lead from the heart, live fearlessly, and weave mind-body-spirit together.

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Talking About… Pricing From Personal Conviction

Chat Months ago, my dear friend Adam King and I sat down to talk. We've been having these skype talks for years now, sharing candidly with each other our expansion in life and business. The last time we sat down to chat however, Adam had an agenda. He wanted to interview me and talk more in-depth about Pay-What-It's-Worth (Value) pricing for a project of his. It's a topic that we have explored together many times over the years and I was excited for the conversation. Adam has recently published a book called The Year of Zen, through which he shares his learnings and expansion, online and off, over 2011. As a companion to the book, he created an interview series with 6 people he felt supported him in this journey. Our chat, Pricing From Personal Conviction, is part of this series.

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Asking My Mentor About… Nourishing My Body

Exploring Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

This is the fifth installment of Christine and my Peer-to-Peer Mentoring series. On her blog, I answered her question:

"Currently I keep an updated CV on file. While I'm proud of my profile and professional history, I'd like to put together a jazzed up version. I'm thinking of doing a website resume- what are your thoughts on the effectiveness of this plan and how would you proceed creatively?"

My Question to My Mentor:

"While I love how focused I am on my work, I often find that my focus is so focused that I forget to eat. I am healthy and well-nourished despite this tendency but I would like to change it. I think it's important that even when I am "in the flow", I am still mindful of my bodily needs. Do you have any thoughts on how I can improve this situation and become better at checking-in with my body?”

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What Was/What Is/Looking Forward

Shine As the new year unfolds before me, I've spent time reflecting on the year that passed, and how I will grow in 2012.

What was in 2011…

What were some of your favourite moments?
  • Looking out over the lights of downtown Toronto from 50 stories up while a snow storm blew outside
  • Meeting Jack for the first time
  • Taking Jack to the park for the first time
  • Signing my first car lease
  • Landing on Big Island
What challenged you?
  • My self-confidence
  • Being a true partner to my husband
  • Not caretaking
  • My performance anxiety
  • Being a loving and supportive parent to myself

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