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photo credit: Ahdieh Ashrafi

All Opinions Are Not Created Equal

People will always have their opinions. And some of them may be about you, and about your work. An opinion is simply one person's point of view, one person's way of seeing things. It's no stronger or weaker than any another perspective. It's no more true or false. It's simply one person's judgement. Nothing more. It's the way in which one delivers their opinion and why, that allows their perspective to hold more weight or less. How do you deliver your perspective? And why do you ...

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When I feel I need to perform, my mind jumps to conclusions over and over about how YOU are interpreting and enjoying what I am doing or have done. Over and over I come up with negative judgements about what I have produced, and what YOU have decided. I can't be perfect. IT can't be perfect. And yet I WANT (it) to be, and, in part, I feel I NEED (it) to be. Maybe then SHE would be satisfied. I AM my own worst judge. Perhaps, my conclusions will always happen. Perhaps, my mind, my ...

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Pay What It's Worth

What If You Didn’t Set Prices?

Have you ever considered why you choose to set prices? For most of us, we set prices because we have been taught, and we believe, that if we do not, our customer will not pay fairly for the item of value we are selling. This feeling, of others not being willing to pay, is based upon the assumption of scarcity that permeates, and is the foundation of, our modern economy and economic theory. >> Read the rest of the article on Local Organics Food Co-ops Network's blog. As my new book ...

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The Whole Truth About Giving Freely

There's always been something about the statement, "give freely, receive freely" that didn't work for me, but I could never quite put my finger on it. The sentiment sounded so lovely, but I knew there was something I was missing. I needed to see beyond the freedom ideal, to the totality of the statement. Have you ever been given something that is more work to receive than the value you place on it? Have you ever been given something that came with conditions? If I give freely, ...

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I've never been so scared. I've never shown so much of myself before. It might sound crazy to allow my customer to pay what it's worth, but it feels far more crazy to proudly share the book I've written about it. It's so exposing. And at times, it feels like too much. Far more than I can handle. But then, I know it's exactly what I can handle. Generally, I don't talk much about what I do, but I'm learning and seeing how I need to grow that. I need to share more of what's in my ...

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