3 posts from month 11/2014

photo credit: Josh Ardle

Helpful Creative Feedback

Helpful creative feedback is encouraging, sensitive, honest, and constructive. Creating is an arduous process that employs your very heart and soul. It is an act that leaves you, the creator, totally vulnerable to those who experience your creation. Helpful creative feedback comes from honouring this sacred creative space and meeting you, the creator, in it. Helpful creative feedback is sensitive to the fact that you are doing your best, that your creation is not perfect nor is ...

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Practicing With Pain

If the pain is going to be there either way, why would I choose to feel it? If I feel it, I can actually heal it. If I don't feel it, I can not know its true state, and I can not start to heal it. Whether I like it or not, feeling my pain fully is necessary for my healing, for my whole-ing. I can not reduce my pain when I don't acknowledge it. I can not feel more whole and healed when I deny parts of my experience. When I want to hide from my pain, I remember that in facing it, ...

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photo credit Dan Foy

Beyond Right and Wrong

It's right. It's wrong. It's neither. It's just an option. It's just one way of doing things. It simply one way to approach something. Take it and/or leave it. It may be what I've done, and it may be what I'm doing, and it may be working for me, but it is still only one way of doing things. Nothing more. Take it and/or leave it. Be interested and/or think it's bunk. In the end, it's simply what works for me, for now. Nothing more. The approach I am choosing is ...

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