I see now this space, this blog, was originally created by me as a place where I could feel free to express myself, perhaps for the first time since I was a young child. A space that is sacred to me, it has brought me much joy as my life has unfolded and transformed over the past eight years since I created it. What began for me as a vision of working for myself and of having the space to write, has grown and transformed into where I find myself today. I’m similar, yet completely different. Renewed with clarity and more in touch with the innerpreneur within.

Now feels like the right time to share with you all I’ve been creating, molding, and birthing in the background and in the foreground as I’ve continued to transform…

I’m Seven Month Pregnant…!!

With a little girl… She’s my first child and she’s already teaching me so much about motherhood, about nurturing, about self-care, and about healthy, loving, and firm boundaries. I look forward to meeting her on the outside but in the meantime, I’m enjoying baking her and nurturing her from within. She is absolutely my wildest, most exciting, and most terrifying adventure yet.

I’m Publishing My First Book, Pay What It’s Worth: You Don’t Need to Set a Price on Value, with Integral Publishers…

Available this Winter 2017.

A brief description: What kind of growth could be possible if you didn’t set a limit to your business’ value? In “Pay What It’s Worth”, Tara Joyce provides you with an elegant framework for understanding how not setting prices can be a viable strategy for your small business, and guides you in consciously exploring your relationship to money, to other people, and to exchanging value. Imagine… integrity as your most valuable wealth creation tool.

My ebook, Pay What It’s Worth: Building Your Sustainable System for Not Setting Prices, has been expanding since it’s birth a few years ago into a full-fledged book manuscript, Pay What It’s Worth: You Don’t Need to Set a Price on Value, that I’ll be imminently publishing with Integral Publishers this coming Winter. The manuscript has undergone a looooong, s-l-o-w publishing process with many starts and stalls, but I’m confidently feeling the shared momentum behind the book and it’s publishing now. You can stay updated on its availability here and I’ll certainly be sharing more on it as things continue to progress.

I’m Releasing Cross My Heart, My Digital Fiction Series on August 4…

A brief description: Join the (strange) adventure of two world travelers bringing to light the beauty of the dark—making the invisible, the unknown, visible.

With 4 of the story installments available to read now, and the rest premiering August 4, Cross My Heart: Strange Adventures in Vancouver, is my first foray into fiction. I’ve decided to share the story the way we used to with radio serials, releasing a new installment of the story each week, beginning August 4 and continuing into November. I plan to expand the story into an ongoing series of stories, but for now, you can join the adventure and subscribe to read the first story here.

I’m Crafting Precious Metal and Stone Jewellery…

For the past year and half, I’ve been learning about the value and properties of gemstones and the art of crafting precious metal bracelets and other jewellery items. I began custom making bracelets for my friends and family before setting up an Elastic Mind Crafted shop last year. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of crafting bracelets for women throughout the world that uniquely support their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. I plan to soon begin crafting necklaces too and I’d love to make you the piece of jewellery you need. Though Etsy doesn’t allow Pay What It’s Worth pricing, I’ve done my best to price my bracelets accessibility and fairly.
Elastic Mind Crafted | Aquamarine & RubyElastic Mind Crafted | Moonstone

I’m Advising More, Co-Creating Less…

I love working with my clients and supporting them in creating their marketing communications, yet for me part of having and holding this space is investing in these people and their work. When I was designing and developing with them, along with advising them, it was very consuming to the point where I lost my own focus for a while. I couldn’t make space for the projects that mattered to me personally, and ultimately, with time I realized I needed to make some adjustments in my business if I was going to. I needed to step back and reassess. I needed to find a better balance with my client work and my own creative work. Which led me to return to my very original business offering, communication guidance and advisory support—helping you to get clear on what you need to say and how you need to say it to best connect with your ideal client. Which leads me to my newest offering…

I’m Offering Editing Services…

I realize I love supporting you in a different way in saying what you mean, in the form of editing your communications so they more clearly connect with your reader. I’m still formulating my editing service offering but you can learn more here in the meantime. And please do not hesitate to connect with me should you feel I can be of support to you. I’d love to help.

I’m Obtaining My Real Estate License…

I love property. Homes. Land. It’s in my blood. My parents run a residential real estate brokerage here in my hometown of Toronto, and its within this business and industry that I first learned to design and develop marketing communications. My husband and I are interested in growing into investing in property and developing a vacation rental and property management business. To aid in this vision, I’ve been in real estate school for the last year and I’m now in the process of obtaining my real estate salesperson license.

What I’m coming to understand about the innerprneuer within is she’s diverse with interests and I no longer feel the need to tone this down, nor deny it. What I’ve needed is the space to expand into each of these varying interests and to allow myself and them to grow from there.

As ever, I continue to transform…


photo credit: Jian Xhin

Accept Yourself (A Loving Reminder)

Accept Yourself (A Loving Reminder)

Dear lovely,

You are cherished and adored. Be not afraid of anything in your world and know that you have done so much to heal and whole yourself, to be who you truly are. The more you are able to unite all parts of you, the happier and more fulfilled you will be. Accept yourself.

If another can not accept any aspect of you, it is for them to bear, not you. You are not responsible for the things others can not accept about life and the world. It is not about you; it is about them and the truth they are avoiding. Love yourself, know yourself, and trust that is enough. It is.

You are precious resource and your world needs you for the next leg of our journey. Now is the time for your to create what you have dreamed of. Now is the time to feel the love and joy that is created from your heart-centred action. You are ready to be all that you are. There is no need to withhold or withdraw. Life is coming together. Trust in this.


Giving Space to Your Creations

Giving Space to Your Creations

There is immense value in leaving, and then returning to, your creations. With a little bit of space, your expressions feel all the less personal. They no longer feels so fully created by ‘YOU.’ Giving space to them leaves you feeling less like they’re ‘YOURS’ and more like they are a living breathing thing on their own. Like a child, you can only do what you can to birth them into the world and to nurture them, yet once they’re here, they are their own creation to grow.

Try to recall the value of space the next time you’re creating something. Pay attention to how much it benefits you—and your creation. Make your thing, let it be born, and then return to it—a day, a week, a month—later. Give it time to grow. Notice how time and space support you in detaching from it and the ‘YOU-ness’ of what you’ve made.

The act of creation is highly subjective. It needs to be in order to get you so deeply entranced in its action. Once your initial expression has been birthed however, being more objective it is of greater value. Moving into a space that is more neutral, things open up for you more. You can see the value and the limits of what you’ve created more clearly. You can be fair. Giving space to what you create, supports you in supporting it to expand more skillfully in the world. Letting them go, they grow.

photo credit: Diego Hernandez

The Power of Relationships

The Power of Relationships

Every relationship you develop, from the most casual to the most intimate, serves to help you become more conscious.

We are taught to honour others, yet often this is one of the most difficult acts we can perform. For not only does it require us, first and foremost, to honour ourselves, it also requires us to come to know our Self. In a larger sense, your relationships are spiritual messengers, they bring into your life revelations about your own strengths and weaknesses.

Some of your relationships may be particularly painful (and necessarily so) as they’re here to help you to learn about yourself and your limitations. You may not be so enthusiastic to explore these “less attractive” aspects of self, yet recognizing your power to make choices and how they affect your world is the power of relationships. Your painful relationships help you to understand that every choice you make contributes to what you create. Choice is the process of creation itself.

Every choice you make is a creative act of spiritual power for which you are held responsible. Managing this power of choice, with all its spiritual and creative implications, is the essence of human experience. Yet you can’t know the full outcome of any choice you make, and so you may find yourself trying to control your life, and the life of others. Disappointment inevitably ensues since, try as you might, the physical world (and the people you are in relationship with) cannot be controlled. Your desires and whims are not for life to serve you on a silver platter.

Which returns you to the place where the greatest power you have is how you choose to behave in your relationships. Your relationships (especially the painful ones) help you to master your inner responses to the external world. They teach that you get to choose your thoughts and emotions.

The power and challenge of your relationships is to learn what motivates you to make the choices you do. In learning about what motivates you, you learn about the essence of your Self. Sex, power, and money are the currencies of relationships and your fear and/or faith is the energy you put behind this currency. This dynamic of choice, of fear and faith, guarantees you cannot run away from yourself or your decisions. For every outcome in some extent reflects this faith and/or fear.

To discover your personal motivations and your “false gods,” how you use and misuse the currencies of the physical world, you need relationships. So much of the way you respond to external challenges is how you respond to yourself. To guide you in developing a healthy and loving relationship with yourself, you have your relationships as a mirror. They are awakening you to your true personal power.

photo credit: Toa Heftiba

Distracted by the Noise

Distracted by the Noise

What distracts you from your goals? What leaves you questioning the path you are currently on?

All around you are distractions and noise. People, places, and things clamouring for your attention, for your time, and for your energy. Some may have your interests at heart, while most have their own interests in mind. Sometimes, your interests may align but this can only be possible when you know what you need and want, outside of the noise.

The noise can be overwhelming and supremely distracting. I dare say that most of us spend our lives caught up in it, swimming in it, pursuing agendas and avenues that ultimately don’t serve us. We listen to what is loudest, most authoritative, most shiny—giving our personal power away, unaware of how much we’re giving up and how distracted from our self we’ve become. Until some thing, some one, some place begins to awaken us.

The very things that distract and block you from your path, powerfully, are the very things to support you in focusing on it. They remind you of what truly matters to you, by asking you, pushing you, persuading you to focus elsewhere. They test you and teach you about the other options for your life, and allow you to feel into these choices to determine what truly feels right for you.

The noise can be your guide; not towards what it is demanding from you, but towards what you need for yourself, what truly matters to you as an individual. Your distractions can help you to focus, and your blocks can be your support. It’s your choice how they influence the life you’re building.

photo credit: Peter Hershey