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We Don’t Know What We Are

Our true nature, who we inherently are, is expressed in all that we do. Yet most of us live without an awareness of this truth, and the practice of expressing who we naturally are becomes difficult to realize. Instead, we find our selves striving, pushing, giving up; actions driven by our confusion over who we naturally are. When we express our true nature, we are human beings — we are what we are. When we do not express our nature, we don't know what we are. We are confused. ...

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Competing for a Better Me

Can competing not help to better me, without needing to create conflict in my inner self and my outer world? It’s not competition itself that creates conflict in my inner being, but rather the intention behind that competition. Competing because I desire victory, and being a winner at the hands of another being a loser, undoubtedly creates conflict. For I have unconsciously decided that I am not enough, and that I’ll be more if someone else is less. Competition, in this intention, is ...

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Me vs. Me

The most noble competitor I have ever encountered is within Me. I suppose I could look externally for my competition, seeking people out there to better and beat. I could spend my time and energy determining how I could excel in the ways they do. I could focus on how they are better, and how I could be like them... And diminish Me in the process. I could spend my time and energy identifying where their weaknesses lie, and how I could benefit and better from them. I could ...

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