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Everything Has The Same Value

Everyone can be your teacher, and everything can be an object of worship. When you can free yourself from the scales of judgement in your lower mind—where one thing is held in higher virtue than another—in your higher mind, everything has the same value. In this space, you see the teacher learns from their student, as the student learns from their teacher. In every exchange and in every relationship, there is value to realize. When you can accept yourself and your true nature, ...

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What Are You Asking For?

I'm so intrigued by what I'm witnessing. With time, I'm learning of more and more business experimenting with not setting prices. Their individual approaches to doing so are wholly unique, with nuances tailored to meet their specific business needs. What is shared by each however, is their need to identify and communicate what exactly they are asking for their customer to do, if their customer is not paying a set price. How exactly does the exchange work? What are my needs as the ...

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Co-Creating Communication

I've got this tendency in communication, maybe you have it too... I sometimes take on more responsibility than is rightfully mine. You see, I am good at communicating. It comes naturally. I like it and because of this, I sometimes take on the job of doing it, even when it's not mine to have. Sometimes, I take on the job of valuing your words and expressions when you are not. Sometimes, I choose an unequal exchange. An equal exchange But here's the thing, the truth about empowered ...

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The Art of the Ask

Value-For-Value Pay What You Want Pay What You Value Gift Economy Pay What It's Worth Collections of words. Collections of words that intend something similar, and yet different. They all describe a concept. That you trust your customers to determine the value they receive from your work, and to give accordingly. You can describe this concept, and your belief in it in many ways. Value-For-Value Pay What You Want Pay What You Value Gift Economy Pay What It's Worth The words ...

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Spending Your Energy

Look around you. Where, and with whom, are you spending your Energy? Do you feel like your spending it wisely? If not, it could literally be the reason why you are having issues with money. For money, too, is an Energy. Reflecting on your "money situation" does it mirror back important information about how you spend your Energy? What do your money spending habits reveal about your energy spending habits? A Fair Exchange. Is there anywhere that you are "spending" too ...

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