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photo credit: Scott Akerman

Longer Than Expected

How do I balance my innate human desire to estimate how long something will take, with the reality that I often have little control over this truth? Is the point to do my best in estimating, to get a general sense, and then to leave it? Is the point to do some planning, but to never decide that my expectations are true and correct? Is the point to create motivation to work towards the goal, rather than attaching to its timeline? Perhaps our time estimates are funny games we play with ...

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I Don’t Feel Like Playing Anymore

My Game There are a lot of rules to my game. Too many to follow it seems. There are the rules I've learned from others. And then there are the ones I've wrote myself. It can be easier to see the rules and expectations others have imparting on me, but the ones I impart of myself are the most limiting. Those rules, those self-imposed 'shoulds', are what keep me in victim mode, limited and continuing to play my games, even when I don’t want to, nor acknowledge I am.

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