A Choice to Create and a Choice to Share

A Choice to Create and a Choice to Share

photo credit: Funkyah

Each day that I am blessed with, I’m faced with a variety of choices. Some are small, others are not. The choices I make define me and my world.

Each day I work on my resistance to creating and to sharing. For creating and sharing are choices I make that, ultimately, I am not comfortable with, though I consistently work to choose them.

To create exposes me to my own judgements, and to share exposes me to yours. And for me, both are equally terrifying.

My history had taught me that to create was not only a waste of myself, but a sure way to ensure — internal and external — criticism. The expression of me was not safe. History’s lesson, it seemed, was that my wisest choice was to hide me, to bury it by pushing it down deep and out of site.

Yet despite these learned efforts at hiding, I just can’t deny my need to create or to share. I’ve tried and I’ve failed. I’ve tried to be who I thought I needed to be, a quieter version of myself, but I can’t keep it up. I can’t be what I’m not.

No matter how I’ve tried to fight it, my need to create and my fearful choice not to affects my entire world.

With time and practice, I’ve reached a new place with my fear. I’ve now accepted it. I no longer pretend that I am bravely ignoring it, or that I can sleuth-ily avoid it, or that it’s unreasonable and untrue. My fears about creating and sharing are neither true nor false. They simply are what they are. Attaching to them won’t help or protect me.

What I need to do with my fear is use it, to allow it to support me and my heroic heart in choosing to practice the art I am so afraid of creating, and sharing.

I could do one without the other — share without creating, or create without sharing — but I know they both need to live in harmony and balance within me if I truly want to thrive.

photo credit: Funkyah

On Pretense

On Pretense

SalFolke - photo credit

It is a way of being that prevents connection.

It is presenting a false story about myself and my life in order to control others perception of me.

It’s a form of marketing or more specifically advertising, and it’s neither mindful nor empowering.

While in my pretense, I’m not valuing my contributions fully nor am I fully valuing the contributions others.

I am not being honest about who I am. I am determining certain elements of me are better and more desirable.

How does it feel to hide parts of myself?

My pretense is like my own beer commercial where I see blondes in bikinis drinking delicious beer, having fun and playing volleyball with awesome dudes.

Everything looks perfect, I’m trying hard to show you that it’s perfect, and I’m displaying my finest acting and contortionism so you don’t see the sand in my bum and the dimples in my thighs.

Does the need for pretense grow with the acquisition of power?

Probably not. But the acquisition of power does make it easier to hide and pretend.

But why do I hide and pretend? Is it about my relationship with power?

What am I communicating when I do pretend?

I am expressing that I need to try and control perceptions of me. Yours and mine. It’s about my power.

I need to appear more or less perfect than I already am.

Why am I not enough?

photo credit: SalFalko