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Helpful Creative Feedback

Helpful creative feedback is encouraging, sensitive, honest, and constructive. Creating is an arduous process that employs your very heart and soul. It is an act that leaves you, the creator, totally vulnerable to those who experience your creation. Helpful creative feedback comes from honouring this sacred creative space and meeting you, the creator, in it. Helpful creative feedback is sensitive to the fact that you are doing your best, that your creation is not perfect nor is ...

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Work in Progress

Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they're finished." - Daniel Gilbert (@DanTGilbert) You've got plenty of room to grow. We all do. No matter our position, we are each a work in progress. We are doing it badly until we are doing it well. The real point is that we are doing it at all. Your feedback can help me to do it better though. To do so, your feedback does not need to be complimentary but it does need to be respectful and acknowledge that I am a work in progre...

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Leaving Commentary

Commentary A wise woman asked me recently after I received a hate-full comment on my blog if I would stand in front of an arena of people and sincerely ask for them to tell me what they think of my outfit, or better yet, my self. My answer was no. Absolutely not. I would not do that. The opinions of total strangers are not something I want or value. Next, she asked me if I would stand in front of a group of people I respected and ask them what they think. My answer was yes. Absolutely I would. The feedback of people I respect, and that respect me, is something I value very much.

No place for commentary in my world.

Feedback, to me, is thoughtful communication intended to support my growth and improvement. It helps me close the circle. It's love-full.

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