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Leaving Commentary

by | Jun 7, 2013 | My Journey | What's On My Mind


A wise woman asked me recently after I received a hate-full comment on my blog if I would stand in front of an arena of people and sincerely ask for them to tell me what they think of my outfit, or better yet, my self.

My answer was no. Absolutely not. I would not do that. The opinions of total strangers are not something I want or value.

Next, she asked me if I would stand in front of a group of people I respected and ask them what they think.

My answer was yes. Absolutely I would. The feedback of people I respect, and that respect me, is something I value very much.

No place for commentary in my world.

Feedback, to me, is thoughtful communication intended to support my growth and improvement. It helps me close the circle. It’s love-full.

An opinion, commentary, requires none of this.

Feedback, I am learning is something to love and receive. Commentary, I am learning is something to leave.

Too exposed.

I write to understand how I feel, think and act, and to challenge myself to express it in words.

I write for me. I do it because I need to.

Any other opinion of my expressions does not matter. It does not benefit me to attach to them. Only I can determine if my choices are serving me.

Leaving commentary behind.

I have permanently removed the option to leave comments on my articles. It’s a brave decision to create, and to share it publicly, and I must honour the sensitivity of my brave heart.

I have never been comfortable with receiving comments on my expressions, and that’s okay.

I realize in my desire to connect and to be accessible, I was inadvertently allowing something that wasn’t filling my need to create and share in a safe, supportive space.

Befriending feedback.

You, dear reader, who respects and loves who I am and/or what I do, I love you and your feedback is invaluable. I always want to connect and hear from you.

To support this feedback friendship we’re building, I’ve created the Word Explorers. By granting me email access to you, I will send you early drafts of my latest work, and in return, if you feel so inclined, you can share your feedback with me.

I’ve also created this Question & Answer space to keep our dialogue open too. Here you can ask me a question and/or make a suggestion, and see my answers to past questions.

I love you.

Thank you for reading and for your love-full support. You help me to be my best me.


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Leaving Commentary

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