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clarifying my website strategy

CWS_Article I'm excited to share my fourth creation in the nutshell series, clarifying my website strategy! I've created this exercise to support you in clearly identifying why you are building your website and who it will serve. The workbook is 31 pages and includes 15 probing questions to expanding your thinking on your web presence. Here's a peek at what you'll explore:

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defining my market niche

defining my market niche I’m excited to announce that I’ve created another workbook for the Nutshell Series, defining my market niche. This workbook takes you on a fun adventure in looking at your market and specifically identifying who your ideal client is in it, and what they need to hear from you. The workbook is 19 pages and includes 9 probing questions to expanding your thinking. made with love for you, TJSignature Other workbooks currently in the Nutshell Series are exploring brand me and developing my communication strategy. Each book focuses on a specific aspect of designing your marketing communications and provides guidance on discovering the strategies that are uniquely right for you and your business.

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developing My communication strategy

DMCS_Article I'm on a roll! After having so much fun creating exploring brand Me for you, I've felt inspired to create a series of Communication Design workbooks. I call it the nutshell series. All of the exercises will focus on supporting your identification and expression of various aspects of your Communication Design. I see the series this far as:
  1. exploring brand Me - focusing on discovering how you express your identity
  2. developing My communication strategy - focusing on discovering your goals and approaches in any communication project
  3. building My online presence - focusing on discovering how you want to be visible on the web to reach your goals
  4. enhancing My online presence - focusing on discovering where you can be more visible on the web to reach your goals
I'm really having fun creating these for you. I sincerely believe they will help you. I hope you love them as much as I do. My goal with them is to support you in putting 'your things' in a nutshell so you can be clear and organized to do your 'thang. I'll be back soon with an update on #3 in the series. But for now, I introduce the #2 in the series, developing My communication strategy! made with love for you, TJSignature

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