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photo credit: Ahdieh Ashrafi

All Opinions Are Not Created Equal

People will always have their opinions. And some of them may be about you, and about your work. An opinion is simply one person's point of view, one person's way of seeing things. It's no stronger or weaker than any another perspective. It's no more true or false. It's simply one person's judgement. Nothing more. It's the way in which one delivers their opinion and why, that allows their perspective to hold more weight or less. How do you deliver your perspective? And why do you ...

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Leaving Commentary

Commentary A wise woman asked me recently after I received a hate-full comment on my blog if I would stand in front of an arena of people and sincerely ask for them to tell me what they think of my outfit, or better yet, my self. My answer was no. Absolutely not. I would not do that. The opinions of total strangers are not something I want or value. Next, she asked me if I would stand in front of a group of people I respected and ask them what they think. My answer was yes. Absolutely I would. The feedback of people I respect, and that respect me, is something I value very much.

No place for commentary in my world.

Feedback, to me, is thoughtful communication intended to support my growth and improvement. It helps me close the circle. It's love-full.

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