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Your Toolbox

Every craft-person has a toolbox of tools and techniques they use to bring their work to life. You too have a toolbox full of the tools and techniques you've picked up over your lifetime that have helped you to shape your life into what it is today. Your tools are very personal, as are how you use them. You can hear people talk about employing techniques and tools generally, but only you can determine how they will work best with your creations. Like artists, you must discover the ...

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The Art of Your Business

Creating a business is just as abstract as creating a painting, and while you can go to a million painting classes and learn a thousand difference techniques, what will end up on the canvas depends on you. Knowing how to do something doesn't makes it special—it's the art of it, the You in it, that makes it what it is. The right way to run your business, the art of your business, is learned through experience and in a growing awareness of what you know, what you are good at, and what ...

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Telling Yourself The Story

It all depends on how long you keep telling yourself the story that is feeding your anger. Your emotional reaction, your anger, it is a result of your conditioning. By nature, it only lasts a few moments. But if you feed the reaction, through your thoughts, it keeps going. And growing. What was once an momentary emotion grows into something bigger. A story begins to build. An emotion can become a mood. The mood becomes a temperament. The temperament transforms your personality. Your ...

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Table for Two

And Another Thing I Think I Know About Personal Branding

It’s a table for two. In the end, it’s just me and you. I need to connect with you. You need to enjoy the experience of being with me. It's you I need to tune into, and turn on. It doesn’t matter what we're talking about, business or personal. Us humans, we connect one-on-one. Me and you. If you feel excited and passionate about what I give you, you will help broadcast my signal. If I connect with you, if I genuinely help you to fill a need, you will share what I do, ...

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