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Skimming the Surface

To see only yourself in every reflection, and only the parts you want to see, a life is lived in the shallow end. Where there is deepness and darkness, you do not probe, unwilling to go deeper. Uncomfortable with its truth, you reject and dismiss that which you care not to understand. To be shallow is to only see—and believe in—the surface facade of others, and of yourself. This shiny surface is so alluring when the darker, less "perfect" aspects of yourself are unacceptable. You ...

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Don’t Shoot the Messenger

The messenger brings with them a message that is not really their own. It has been given to them, to deliver to you. If you don't like their message, if you don't want to receive what they're sharing, you may feel angry with them. You might want to shoot the messenger. But consider, is it the message you don't like, or is it the person delivering it? There is a difference. If it is the message you disagree with, take a moment before you shoot the messenger. Consider that your disagr...

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Hello 2014!

Happy New Year to you! I hope you've had a restful and lovely holidays. I love the potential of this time of year, an old year ending and new one starting. Being a naturally introspective person, and combining that with a cultural attachment to reviewing the year that has passed, I've often found I'm pressuring myself as the calendar year comes to a close to UNDERSTAND something about the time that has passed. This year I decided to let that go. My attachment to UNDERSTANDing. I ...

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elastic mind reboot


I've made some changes around here. After 5+ years, my website, my online home, felt like it didn't fit me anymore. So I decided to fashion myself a new dress. And I'm excited to share it with you. I hope you love it, as I do. I've been in heaven over the last two weeks, creating it. It's be hard to focus on much else. What I'm most excited about is the new space I've created on elastic mind for my writing. It feels so good to have reached a place in my life where I am ready to ...

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Our Inner Critic

A reflection of our disdain for authority in our own life. The things our critic says are likely things we heard from an authority figure. Things we did not agree with — but heard anyway. Things that once were someone else's ideas about us, that have now become our own.

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