What You’re Capable Of

What You’re Capable Of


You are well equipped to face whatever challenges are placed in your path. In all ways.

Whether you see them or not, you have been provided with an abundance of resources to draw upon.

Whatever your objective, if you can trust that you have the resources to handle it, you’ll find yourself responding capably when challenges present themselves. Trusting your resilience, you’ll find yourself naturally employing your resources effectively and efficiently.

Your challenges, whatever their nature, are here to support you in proving to yourself that you are as capable and skilled as you desire to be. In immersing yourself in these taxing situations, you empower yourself to test your grit—and you expose your true resilience.

The challenging situations causing you pain compel you to utilize all of your strengths and resources, just to stay afloat. What’s beautiful is in bravely and competently facing these challenges, your confidence increases and you discover within you the will and the ability to accomplish almost anything. Now, you truly understand what you’re capable of.

photo credit: Jeremy Thomas

A Waste of Words

A Waste of Words


In many ways, our culture encourages the wasting of words. They’re presented not as a resource to be responsible to, but rather something to use carelessly, without consequence. Another resource we can throw around and away. Hidden behind our screens, provided with a medium to share our every fleeting thought and feeling, we’re finding this story even easier to believe.

Please don’t waste your words. They are one of your most valuable resources; and they are one of the few resources you truly own. They are inherently yours, readily available to only you, and capable of creating incredible value. You have total freedom and control over how they are employed. They are a resource whose worth needs to be carefully realized.

Your other resources will likely run out. Your clothes will wear, your toys will break, and yet your wand for creating your world — your words — will sustain. You have endless access to the power and potential of them. All the more reason they’re so hard to manage. When you have an endless supply of something, how do you support your Self in using it responsibly? It’s a tough question that needs your thoughtful consideration.

To preserve ourselves we, as humans, need to more thoughtfully manage our resources. So why not practice choosing sustainability? Choosing empathy? Choosing support? See how your world responds in return.

For your words are a resource not to be wasted. How you use them is a true reflection of who you are.

photo credit: Sam Javanrouh