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Beyond Right and Wrong

It's right. It's wrong. It's neither. It's just an option. It's just one way of doing things. It simply one way to approach something. Take it and/or leave it. It may be what I've done, and it may be what I'm doing, and it may be working for me, but it is still only one way of doing things. Nothing more. Take it and/or leave it. Be interested and/or think it's bunk. In the end, it's simply what works for me, for now. Nothing more. The approach I am choosing is ...

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Rights I Sometimes Feel Wrong About

Wrong A list of things that I am learning to not feel wrong about... as they are my right, as an individual:
  1. My right to chose when and how I interact with people.
  2. My right to chose what motivates me.
  3. My right to care... or not.
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