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Our Relationships of Integrity

Exchange They are our relationships built on mutual trust and respect. They are our relationships in which worries subside over being taken advantage of, or of needing to control. They are our relationships where both parties act with confidence and ease. They are our relationships in which games are not played, and expectations and needs are communicated clearly. These are our relationships of integrity. They are our connections where we express and share without reservation.

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Because My Gut Says So

Gut Feeling I can find it pretty easy to question my feelings, especially when they're contrary to the people around me. I might decide I'm being illogical, or overly emotional, or perhaps unreasonable. Whatever I choose, I'll determine the uncomfortable feeling is something I can and should disregard. I do this despite knowing that I have, like you, sharply honed instincts - deeply imbedded likes, dislikes, talents, and struggles - that are as much a part of me as my limbs.

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