Because My Gut Says So

Gut Feeling

I can find it pretty easy to question my feelings, especially when they’re contrary to the people around me.

I might decide I’m being illogical, or overly emotional, or perhaps unreasonable. Whatever I choose, I’ll determine the uncomfortable feeling is something I can and should disregard.

I do this despite knowing that I have, like you, sharply honed instincts – deeply imbedded likes, dislikes, talents, and struggles – that are as much a part of me as my limbs. They make me the unique being I am. My instincts reflect the essential me – my values, my feelings, my fears, my experiences, my goals – and they’re the product of everything that goes into making me.

When I’m ignoring them, and going in the direction of an outside authority, it’s like I’m choosing to not trust my own eyes.

I’ll be remembering this analogy next time I feel scared acting towards my instincts. It’ll help me stay honest about how completely critical my feelings are in shaping this Brand of Me. My happiness shows my gut is my best adviser.

Because My Gut Says So

By Tara Joyce Time to Read: 1 min