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The Silly Things I Do

Arise Your Innerpreneur by listening to my voice, and looking at my words and images

Back in April I created this presentation for the 2010 SHiFT conference in Lisbon, Portugal. Don't ask me why it took 'till now to publish it. Some silly business about feeling shame over my creations. Oh, the silly things I do.

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The Year That Was

ByeBye [tweetmeme] Our growth can be so slow that it can often go unnoticed. The beginning of a new year (and a new decade, no less) seems like a good time to reflect on and to celebrate all that we have achieved in the year that has passed.

I'm taking this opportunity to celebrate my successes with you. If you feel so inclined, please use the comments to share and celebrate your success of 2009 with me and the group. With no further a due, my year in review.

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The Video: My First Presentation on Innerpreneurs

The Scene:

Anxious 74/365 A small auditorium of 100 business men and women in a business park outside Lisbon. Most are Portuguese entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. I am on the Entrepreneurship panel with three other speakers. A mayor passionate about sustainability from Ericeira, Portugal and two bio-technology innovators.

The Speech:

I was more dynamic live, where you could see my slides too. They really drove the presentation. And it distracted the viewer from my nervous rambling. My intention was to highlight why people (specifically the business community) should care about innerpreneurs.

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Pride, Gratitude and Education in Lisbon

I should have told you before I left. I just got back from speaking at an entrepreneurship conference in Lisbon held by Gesentrepreneur, a companyvcit2009tarajoycepresenting dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship in Portugal. I was invited to speak on Innerpreneurs. The video is coming soon. You can check out the slides here.

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