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Deep Thoughts (That Are Not My Own): The Global MicroBrand & Being Productive

by | Jan 6, 2009 | Cultural Creativity

Weekly I read articles that I absolutely love and connect with. There are so many talented bloggers out there. I think I follow over 100 blogs now. That’s a lot of thoughts! If I didn’t have an RSS news reader, I would be lost.

For a while, I have been saving articles I like. And by saving I mean keeping the article open in a browser tab for weeks until I invariably close the tab and lose the article. I kept meaning to share them with you. But I never was. No more. From now on I will do a weekly Tuesday post on great articles I read the previous week.

Here are this week’s open tabs:

  •’s thoughts on “The Global Microbrand”
    Cartoonist and blogger Hugh MacLeod argues that every creative person who leverages the internet to promote themselves is trying to create a small, tiny brand, that “sells” all over the world. He shares his thoughts on how he grew his successful microbrand, gapingvoid, cartoons drawn on the back of business cards.

I’m a big fan of his work. My business cards are illustrated by Hugh. You can purchase his cards here.

I encourage you to check out the original article written by That Canadian Girl. I am going to use her tips to faciliate two of my goals for 2009, meditating and developing more daily structure.

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Deep Thoughts (That Are Not My Own): The Global MicroBrand & Being Productive

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