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Innerpreneur Spotlight: Stephen Grant-Jones

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Stephen Grant-Jones Follow Stephen on Twitter Web Developer & Internet Marketer Holistic Living

I am:

A regular guy who had an awakening. Once I had that awakening, everything changed. Now I see that my life has two very distinct parts or "Phases" as Bob Scheinfeld calls it; before my awakening and after my awakening.

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You Can’t Trust Social Proofs But You Can Trust Your Self


I got duped. They seemed trustworthy. But I lost my money and my phone number. And then they insulted me.

This month I got entangled with a bogus VoIP provider. The email above is the only human interaction I was able to establish with them. They sure fooled me with their website.

They used all the 'keys' to building trust online.

Most websites use these 5 social proofs to get you to trust them: 1. A site that 'looks good'. Check. VoIPGo.com has a very professionally designed site. Perfectly designed to appear credible.

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“Criticize By Creating”


Don't like something? Improve it.

In three words, 500 years ago, Michelangelo summed up the Innerpreneur and Cultural Creative philosophy.

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Marketing vs. Advertising vs. Public Relations: An Analogy

marketing Do you have trouble understanding what the heck the difference is between Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations? I know I certainly do. Here's a quick analogy to help you differentiate:

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Before You Start Building Your Website

photo credit: Brittany Linder

photo credit: Brittany Linder

If you're thinking of building a website, consider:

1. Are you sure you really want one?

A website is like a pet, you need to make sure you want one before you get one. A site needs to be taken care of, so if you don’t have time or aren’t really committed, don’t bother. You can’t build it and leave it.

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