Before You Start Building Your Website

photo credit: Brittany Linder

photo credit: Brittany Linder

If you’re thinking of building a website, consider:

1. Are you sure you really want one?

A website is like a pet, you need to make sure you want one before you get one. A site needs to be taken care of, so if you don’t have time or aren’t really committed, don’t bother. You can’t build it and leave it.

2. What makes your business unique?

I know this is a tough question but it is important. Your website strategy should be focused around this.

3. How will you measure the site’s success?

What do you want out of the website? How will you determine that it was worth the cost and energy to create?

4. Does the site need to be completed by a certain date?

It is never a good idea to begin developing a website under tight timelines. It will take longer than you think. There is no reason to rush a project that is so important to the growth of your business.

Before You Start Building Your Website

By Tara Joyce Time to Read: 1 min