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Innerpreneur Spotlight: Michael Chadd

junespotlight Michael Chadd

Michael Chadd Entrepreneur, Artist and Coach Rainforest Health

I am:

a husband, father and son. I choose to conduct myself in this life as a conscious person attempting as best I can to do no harm. No harm to others in how I view and treat them. No harm to the environment, I live sustainably and eco consciously. I am also an entrepreneur and working artist. I work in my business and in my social life to be of service to people, with the intent to make a difference by offering support and direction toward holistic health and wellness. I offer income sources that empower and provide personal and financial freedom.

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We Have a Problem with Business

straps photo by me and the sysop

We've got to stop with the blame.

We've got to stop blaming 'business', aka money, for the world's problems. 'Business' is not a dirty word. Yes, some businesses selfishly seek profits at the expense of their consumers, workers, community and environment but not all. To make a sweeping statement about 'business', to reject money as an evil, it makes no sense. It completely ignores how the world actually works. Business and money make the world go round (not literally but figuratively). It propels the community. You can't escape it, you can't deny it. You need it.

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Pride, Gratitude and Education in Lisbon

I should have told you before I left. I just got back from speaking at an entrepreneurship conference in Lisbon held by Gesentrepreneur, a companyvcit2009tarajoycepresenting dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship in Portugal. I was invited to speak on Innerpreneurs. The video is coming soon. You can check out the slides here.

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