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Don’t Implement Solutions. Prevent Problems.

cleanup We waste so much time and money trying to fix the messes we have created. Yet everything we implement to clean up our bad decisions won't be enough if we keep on creating new disasters.

Shouldn't we have thought of that before?

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Practical Pessimism


Sometimes a lack of confidence can help.

Hope is a great quality and it is no doubt that your optimism towards what is possible has led you to where you are today. But pessimism about the future has a necessary place in your life and business too. Optimism rules when anticipating (predicting) and enjoying outcomes -- but there's also great value in being pessimistic when preparing (considering) outcomes. After all, things don't always go 'our way'.

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Everything You’re Not


... is a waste of your time.

I used to think I could be anything I wanted to be. But in reality I knew that made no sense. Now I know why. You can’t be anything you want to be. No matter how hard I try, some things I just don’t excel in. Some things come harder to me. Well, ‘who cares’? Society has long emphasized that we focus on and improve on our weaknesses.

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Connect, Then Sell

connect How can you sell to someone you don't even know? How do you know you can help or add value to their lives when you don't even know their problem? Get to know your prospective client before you tell them what they need. Build a connection, understand their challenges, show that you respect them as an individual. No one appreciates being treated like a walking $ sign.

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When in Doubt, Take the Next Small Step

doubt I made a mistake. I got ahead of myself. I temporarily forgot my purpose. I got caught up in someone else's ideas and began ignoring my vision. Perhaps it was a lack of self-confidence that began leading me down the path - I'd like to think it was a desire to collaborate, improve, share and help - whatever it was, along the way I stopped thinking that my voice mattered. I stopped considering what brought me joy and what felt 'right' and instead focused on what I thought I 'should' be doing. I am not infallible and I often go astray. I am no longer involved with InnerpreneurVentures.com or Innerpreneuring.com.

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