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Getting A Bit More Serious

serious I've updated the site. I made it a bit easier to use and more streamlined. Plus I like the smoke. I've been posting three times a week as well. Monday, Thursday, Friday. I'm disciplining myself. I'm learning about time right now and I'm realizing I need to quit making excuses for not doing things. I can make the time because I make time. Not making time to write is me limiting my Self.

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Oh That Tara Joyce, She’s Such a Phony Baloney

phony This is actually a quote from Seinfeld's Jerry in the episode, 'The Mango'... obviously he wasn't talking about me though, he was talking about Meryl Streep. But whatever, that's not important.

We all feel like phony baloneys

I pontificate weekly about craft, community and connection... but, at times, it feels fake. The truth is, I'm not yet confident enough in my own craft to call myself a writer

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What’s It Got To Do With You?

defensive I often find that my choices are met with hostility from others. The resistance is not a result of my choice affecting or hurting the other person, as the decision often has nothing to do with them... the hostility is more about how the decision makes them feel about their Self.

So what if I'm different from you?

To me, the difference between a person committed to a Cultural Creative, Modern or Traditional lifestyle is the values that they choose to actively pursue as goals.

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The Generation M Manifesto

meaningful written by Umair Haque, originally published on HarvardBusiness.org Dear Old People Who Run the World, My generation would like to break up with you. Everyday, I see a widening gap in how you and we understand the world — and what we want from it. I think we have irreconcilable differences.

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Enough About Me, What About You?


I've created a forum...

... a place online where we can exchange our ideas and views. After more than a year of just me talking (okay, I let others talk a bit;) I think it's time for the innerpreneur community to have more of a voice.

Check out the Innerpreneur Forum

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