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Feeding my Freaky Soul

by | Sep 7, 2009 | My Journey | What's On My Mind

Coney Island, New York City

I have just returned from New York City. It was a wonderful trip to experience the city with my husband  and be in the home of a great friend. I met her in France when we both were on exchange there. We lived in the hilltop suburb of Rouen, Normandy, a beautiful city in the North of France. We studied business there but mostly we traveled everywhere together.

Together we discovered our individual love of improvising. Of adventure. Of exploring. But only now, five years later, am I starting to truly understand and embrace it.

There is just so much to see… I’ve realized that exploring really is my greatest passion. Whether it is in words, the world, or thought.

I thrive in the unknown, in the new, in the discovering. It feeds my freaky soul.

Coney Island, New York City
photo credit: moi!

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Feeding my Freaky Soul

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