Get Real


Why is it that ‘being realistic’ is synonymous with being pessimistic? Why is being negative being real? Who decided that life is actually cruel and unkind?

Who determined that being an optimist was the antithesis of being a realist? I know, I know, being an optimist means I’m in lala land. Get real, people. Your thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) dictate the reality of your life. Reality is what you make it. If you think your reality sucks, it will.

I guess the truth of the phrase ‘be realistic’ is that it means nothing unless you understand its source. After all, if I told you to ‘be realistic’, I wouldn’t be telling you to be pessimistic, I’d be saying that you need to shape your thoughts around the outcome you desire.

photo by: robbed

Get Real

By Tara Joyce Time to Read: 1 min