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My Self and the Vile Bitch Upstairs

by | Dec 3, 2009 | Cultural Creativity

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It’s fitting that the day my inner critic (aka The Vile Bitch Upstairs) is screaming I would mention an article I wrote about trusting my Self above all else. That’s easier said than done on days when She won’t shut up. I can barely hear my Self through Her noise.

Authenticity & Cultural Creativity

Laura Cococcia over at the Journal of Cultural Conversation asked me to reflect on the Cultural Creative values of:

  • Authenticity, actions must be consistent with words and beliefs
  • Engaged action and whole process learning; seeing the world as interwoven and connected
  • Idealism and activism
  • Globalism and ecology
  • The importance of women

And write on those values that have resonated with me the most. In my article, Authenticity and Cultural Creativity, I determine that “I see my authenticity as the roots of my values and that everything else springs forth from what I find inside. I’m driven by me, being true to my Self.”

I go on to say, “It’s all about me and I won’t apologize for it“. And I mean it.

Except on a day like today. Today, I would apologize for it. Maybe.

Read the entire article here

Tara Joyce

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My Self and the Vile Bitch Upstairs

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