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Samantha Brightwell: November Innerpreneur Spotlight


Samantha Brightwell Creative Entrepreneur Out of the Void and How to Build a Really Good Business Follow Sam on Twitter [tweetmeme]

I am:

…a writer, an artist, a teacher, a tree-hugging hippie, a mum, and an advocate for conscious living and new ways of doing business. I provide life & business advice. I am a girl with a dream, who is daring to do something about it.

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It’s My Birthday Today!

by Paco CT[tweetmeme]

I'm 28! Woo hoo!

I'm writing this post late today as I spent the day with my family, eating and laughing. I'm off to dinner with my hubby in a few minutes too. My birthday is a day that I always treat myself on. Even when I worked for others, I took my birthday off and made it a priority to fill the day with all the things and people I love. I do hope that you do the same for yourself on your special day. You deserve it. photo by: Paco CT

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It’s the Squishy Stuff that Counts

by ixographic [tweetmeme] When it comes to business, we tend to focus on the "hard stuff". We believe with the right idea, coupled with equipment, know-how and a little money, we will be a success. We write business plans, take classes, invest in seminars, read books and magazines, and worry over and debate the nuts and bolts, the material resources and the fundamental idea, of our business.

It's not the idea, it's you

It's not the "hard stuff" that will make your dreams come true, those things you can easily acquire.

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You’re My Kind of Whackjob

table for two [tweetmeme] After a year and a half of writing this blog, it still seems odd to me that I share my most personal thoughts with world. See, I've always considered myself a private person, as I keep my feelings close to my chest, dealing them out only to those few, dear people closest to me. I've never really felt safe opening up to people, and I felt a sense of contentment with my story staying mine, alone.

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5 Tips for Finding Your Signal and Creating a Web Presence to Support It

TDT Antenna (DVB-T) [tweetmeme] I wrote this post for my friend and fellow Innerpreneur, Tim Bursh. He blogs on Social Impact, Social Media and Community. I encourage you to read the article in it's entirety.

5 Tips for Finding Your Signal

  1. Accept that there is no demand for your message.
  2. Express your point-of-view.
  3. The more valuable your signal, the stronger it will be.
  4. It's a table for two.
  5. Share.
Looking for more guidance than this? Read the whole article. The context around these 5 tips is what really matters. photo credit: Andres Rueda

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