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Gen Y Gives Thanks: Challenging the Norm


I'm representing the grateful members of Gen Y on Examiner.com

Sharalyn Hartwell of Generation Y Examiner is attempting to prove that Generations Y isn't a pack of selfish fools with her series, Gen Y Gives Thanks. Sharalyn interviewed me about what I am thankful for and you can read the article in it's entirety here. For the lazier of us in the crowd, here's my favourite excerpt of what I said... Damn, that sounds egotistical. Maybe they're right about me and my entire Generation;)
I am grateful that a change in consciousness is occurring in society, that the accepted rules of business and life are being challenged and that new ways of thinking are being embraced and cultivated. I smile each time I see someone casting aside the chains of our society's ‘shoulds’ to explore what they intuitively feel is right." Read the rest here!

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The 2 Determinants and Derailers of Your Business Success


1. You

[tweetmeme]Don't worry about the business idea before you've come to understand your Self and your gifts, and what you want from your business. Starting with the idea is starting the process in the middle. Your idea isn't going to make your business a success, you are. So do the work and find your answers. Discover what it is that you would really love to do. For it's not the idea that that is going to shoot you into the stratosphere, it's the quality of You that is turning the idea into a reality.

2. Your Relationships

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The Shape of Things @ElasticMind

Retreat photo by h.koppdelaney [tweetmeme]

Check out elasticmind.ca.

I've totally re-hauled it. It looks a lot different than the last time, or dare I say, be still my ego, the no times you've seen it. I think it's a clearer reflection of me, and how I can add value to you.

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The Distorted Lens of Familiarity

Life Through a Lens [tweetmeme] It sounds stupid, but I am often amazed that people don't know what I do. I see the world through my lens, focused on my passions, and in my little world, I'm no more interested in a given topic than anyone else.

I don't know what I know

In my distorted world, I know no more about the web, marketing, communications and culture than anyone else. To suggest that I am an expert seems silly, as the more I dig, the more I feel I have so much more to learn.

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Faux Restraints or Why the Elephants Don’t Lose Their Shit and Break Free

Elephant Measure [tweetmeme] Ever wonder how the circus manages to keep elephants captive? After all, elephants are crazy strong, being the largest mammal in the world, and all. Why don’t the elephants lose their shit and escape? Why do they just stand there? Why don’t they create some crazy elephant hubbub, squishing cars and shit? They have the power to.

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